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4th of July Pet Care

The 4th of July is coming soon

The 4th of July is coming soon. For us humans it it is a fun day of cookouts and fireworks, for our pets it can be a very scary time full of bright flashes and loud noises. We would like to share a few safety tips to help keep your pets safe.

  1. Double check to make sure your pet has proper ID and rabies tags on a properly fitting collar in case they may escape/run away.
  2. Stay home with your pets. Sometimes being with their family help reduces the stress they may be feeling.
  3. Help keep them distracted by playing with their favorite toy or special treat.
  4. Keep windows, doors, blinds, and curtains closed. This will help cut down on the noises and lights from the fireworks outside.
  5. Provide a safe place in your home for them to hide. Many animals will retreat to a small enclosed area, such as under your bed or in a closet, when they are scared.

AVHO offers two products to help calm and alleviate stress from your pets.  We offer Composure Treats and Zylkene for both cats and dogs. Composure Treats are a safe, non-narcotic that can be given once or twice a day, depending on weight. An alternative to Composure Treats is Zylkene.  Zylkene is also a non-narcotic anti-anxiety treatment. Zylkene comes in multiple sizes for both dogs and cats. Each capsule contains a derivative of mother's milk to give your pet the calming sensation they received as a puppy or kitten after nursing from mom. Both products are readily available for your pet.  If you would like to purchase these products or schedule an appointment with Dr. Bruce to consult about which is best for your pet, call us at (407) 855-7387.