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Neuter Special Month

Throughout the month of July, the Animal Veterinary Hospital of Orlando will be offering our canine and feline neutering procedure at a discounted price. Neutering is a surgical procedure involving general anaesthetic and sterile operating technique. Pre-anaesthetic bloodwork will be performed on your pet prior to the anaesthetic procedure to ensure their major organs are working properly. Additionally, your pet will be connected to our state of the art monitoring system during the procedure. This machine will track vital signs such as pulse, respirations, aortic blood flow, CO2 levels, and core body temperature. Our surgical patients are usually returned to their owners on the same day as the procedure, preventing any unnecessary stress to both the owner as well as the pet from them not being home together that first night after surgery. All surgery patients are to be kept calm and quiet for the first few days after surgery, to allow for proper healing and to prevent any additional discomfort.


Some of the reasons to have your pet neutered include:

1. Decreased sexual instincts

2. Decreased desire to roam especially at night

3. Decreased level of aggression 

4. Decreased chance of urine marking as well as decreased urine odor in cats

5. Decreased chance of developing prostatic disease including cancer

6. Eliminated the chance of developing testicular cancer

Neutering should not be used as a replacement for obedience training.


Our goal here at Animal Veterinary Hospital of Orlando is to improve and educate our clients on the best overall health care of your pet. We are passionate, caring, and understanding of your pets needs and strive to accommodate our patients to the fullest professional service.


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And dog owners remember: 

We now offer OraVet dental hygiene chews, with dual cleaning action. This is a chew treat you give to your dog daily. It works to decrease bacterial buildup in your dog’s mouth, and protect your dog’s teeth in between cleanings. Plaque and calculus are known to be very common problems in dogs. Plaque can form when a bacterium attaches itself to your dog’s teeth, and over time, this plaque hardens to form calculus (tartar). This accumulation of plaque and calculus will cause your dog to have bad breath and possibly other problems.

The dual-action approach of OraVet Chews doesn’t just clean teeth it freshens breath.OraVet chews create a barrier to help protect against plaque, calculus, and bad breath. OraVet is currently only approved for use in dogs.


Click ( HERE ) to learn more about OraVet Dental Chews for dogs.


Check back in August to learn about our Dental special. 

At Animal Veterinary Hospital of Orlando, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

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